European Year of Skills

Having the right skills for a job is one of the fundamental building blocks of success.

As we hit mid-year, it's a timely opportunity to remind ourselves of the campaign being run by the EU across 2023 - to match the European workforce with key skills required across industries that are aiding the economic recovery.

Labeled the 'European Year of Skills' the objective is simple: empower employees to obtain the skills needed to contribute to sustainable growth, increased innovation and improved company competitiveness.

By showcasing skill development and improving recognition of qualifications cross-borders, the EU believes that those insights and experiences will combine with their existing initiatives and funding possibilities to kick-start new growth across the continent.

As an avid believer in training and up-skilling of its workforce, the entire ADIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP supports the idea of such initiatives. Operating multiple manufacturing sites in the EU, they are dedicated to making their team the best of the best to match against their wider ethos of 'Quality with Integrity' and skills and training play an important part in that.

Co-owner and Executive Director, Jeremy Svoboda summarized the importance of such projects when he said "Plastic injection molding is a critical part of one of the EU's biggest sectors, automotive, and as such, having the most well-trained teams as seen here in AAG is critical to continued growth and input to the economy both locally and across the bloc."

Whatever level teams are currently operating at, the belief is that there is always room for improvement and such skill-matching programs along with in-house company-specific approaches can only be a benefit for individuals and companies alike.

Find out more about Adis Automotive Group at, and find out more about the EU skills project via

Posted On:
June 13, 2023

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