Driving Effective Change

How do you drive change across a company?

It’s a challenge that most growing businesses face at one point or another as they grow beyond their infant years, and it’s one that the leadership here at ADIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP has categorized as a simple roadmap following their own recent successful scale-up.

Firstly, by streamlining operations, optimizing efficiency in every area, and spurring innovation beyond that which is tried-and-tested, it allows for the building of a strong operational infrastructure that aligns with the strategic goals of the organization and therefore facilitates scalable growth.

1/ Vision: A key aspect of change is to articulate the future vision of the company, and ensure that all team members, regardless of seniority or role embrace the change. In the world of plastics manufacturing, this spans right from design teams, through production operatives and onward to the customer support function.

2/ Change Management: Setting the vision is key, but overseeing the implementation of changes across the business and project managing them correctly using proven change management strategies to ensure smooth transitions is vital for success.

3/ Cross-functional Collaboration: Possibly the most important of all is working closely with all teams across the organization, fostering cooperation and alignment towards common goals so the change is sweeping.

4/ Operational Efficiency: Rolling out change is only as good as the continuous evaluation of its improvement to operational processes and procedures. It is critical to remember that the aim is to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability. If this isn’t the case, it's time to change the approach.

5/ Stakeholder Communication: Leading on from the efficiency point above, it is paramount to ensure clear and effective communication with all stakeholders, providing regular updates on operations, changes, and developments.

By setting performance goals, monitoring progress, and implementing corrective actions when necessary, a plan to scale involves more than just integrating automation or facilitating the use of artificial intelligence operationally, it involves buy-in from the entire organization.

Following the above approach certainly helps ADIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP stay on top of their game in the injection molding world, and enables them to deliver excellence on-time, every time regardless of order size to the auto world and beyond.

Posted On:
September 19, 2023

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