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Our focus is creating seamless client journeys, challenging the status quo of the manufacturing industry, and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from plastics.


Design & Fabrication

Utilizing the gold standard in Designing for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM) logic, and building upon it with our Design for Excellence (DfX) approach, we take this critical part of the product development cycle and work with you to optimize the design of your product, merging your product need, with a perfect production method.

  • Materials:PP/ HDPE/ PC/ PC-ABS/ ABS/ PA6/ PA66/ PA12/ PBT/PC-PBT/ TPU/ TPE/ POM
  • Fillings: Glass Fiber (GF up to 65%), Glass Balls (GB), Carbon Fiber (CF), Talc
  • Color: According the requirements PANTONE/RAL spectrum, or request of the OEM

We offer design verification, to optimize the design of the plastic injection mold for improved quality and cost effective solutions: Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Mold flow analysis (MFA), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

Throughout all processes we provide complete project management including organizing, tracking and reporting. Simply put, we use decades of expertise to enhance quality, improve cost efficiency, reduce lead time, and enable you to have a high degree of confidence in your production prior to release.


Tooling & Production

Accommodating our own in-house tool shop, and combining that alongside long-term, well-established partnerships with qualified and OEM mold builders, we provide you with the optimal range of mold and tooling options. From high to low-end tools, through tool repair, maintenance, mold modification, building dedicated automatic or semi-automatic assembly lines, we are your partner in ensuring quality in each and every product run.

Prototype tooling to test functionality and manufacturability, reducing risks and costs. It can also be used for small serial production, save cost and time. Serial production tooling thanks to our long-term relationships with toolmakers in China, Czechia, Germany and Portugal. We have additional local support and follow up from experienced tool engineers.

Our expertise and experience allow us to produce quality tools, zero waste tools, quick molds and high-cavity molds (up to 32x cavity), technical parts (high precision of 0,05mm on parting lines and tolerances) as well as interior parts with visible surfaces (standard polish, high-gloss polish, grainings), and much more.

If you require speed, accuracy, and repeatability of manufacture you must be able to depend on the precision, quality, and characteristics of the tooling, and that is exactly what we offer.


Injection Molding

With 55 machines ranging from 6.5 to 1200T, we offer over-molding, insert molding, vertical injection, 2K injection, and the lastest automation techniques. We support an encyclopedic range of injection molding options, ranging from the tiniest of parts weighing in a just a single gram, right through to 3.5 kg behemoths of plastic ingenuity.

Unique to only us in Europe, we offer Visual Value Stream Mapping where each client order is identified by a color, and in turn opens the door for you to follow it throughout the whole manufacturing process from raw materials at the beginning to packed, finished products at the end. This system is a major step up from standard visual management and demonstrates the trust we have in our production processes.

Furthermore for optimum conditioning of the raw materials we use a state-of-the-art central drying technique with a transport system to each individual machine. We also perform evaluation of the parts we receive for measuring, and ensure that we follow customer requests on frequency, special / critical characterstics using SPC tools.

As a supplier to the auto industry across Europe and beyond, our expansive in-house expertise truly differentiate us from the competition. Offering something unique, we're unrivalled in our quality, our non-stop production, our source to delivery insights, and our zero-defect methodology. The world of injection molding is right here.


Assembly and Logistics

In addition to our core services, we utilize the diverse range of experience we have in-house to take end-to-end production to the next level. Our services include the assembly of fixtures, the design and production of manipulators for removing parts from molds, the assembly of parts using the poka-yoke approach, label printing, tool maintenance and repair, and much more:

  • Multiple assembly lines (dedicated, automatic or semi-automatic)
  • Fail-safe poka-yoke methodology
  • Packing & shipping
  • Seamless end-to-end runs
  • Custom packaging
  • Our own transport
  • Export globally
  • Shipments 24/7

From design to delivery. If you want a part, and you want to be hands-off in it's production and assembly, Adis Automotive Group is your partner for success. Delivering globally, and at scale, we're here for your next product run.


Quality Assurance

A production process that contains no flaws and works seamlessly from start to finish is the holy grail in manufacturing. As an integral part of our ISO certification we deliver quality based upon the Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) system for defining and communicating engineering tolerances and relationships, and combine this with traditional quality control to ensure exceptional delivery of every single part. We utilize all these Quality Assurance techniques and more:

  • Failure mode and effects analysis (fmea)
  • Define measure analyze improve control (dmaic)
  • Advanced product quality planning (apqp)
  • Corrective action preventive action (capa)
  • Production part approval process (ppap)
  • Statistical process control (spc)
  • Eight disciplines (8d)
  • Ishikawa / 5-why

Adopting the very latest technology including 3D measuring machines, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to deliver the best. We're not only a supplier of exceptional quality products but of phenomenal customer satisfaction.

Our team of experts work hand-in-hand across every aspect of a project to ensure what we deliver is right, first time. Zero defect, zero flaws, just a product you can be proud of.


Quality Testing

We are committed to delivering excellence for every single order. For the past two decades we've become renowned for producing superior quality products and delivering them with a smile.  We utilize all these Quality Testing techniques and more with the following primary measurement devices:

  • Calipers, Micrometers , Cavity Gauges
  • CMM 3D measurement
  • Minolta spectrophotometer used in VW group for colour/gloss matching
  • Intuitive 2D optic with 3D touch to measure distances, radiuses, heights, burrs, angles, etc. with high precision and results within seconds. Can also be used also as microscope and 3D touch can be used as standard CMM, with reporting output Cpk/Ppk.
  • Hexagon 3D scanner for big parts allows us to scan contours and match with 3D models, it also has a touch option to measure distances.

In our certified external laboratory we organize the following tests :

  • Flammability, UV stabilization, Fogging, Odours and Emissions
  • Scratch tests (interior/exterior parts), Chemical and Corrosion resistance
  • Aging (slow aging/fast aging) and Solar simulation (SoSi test)

Top-Class Consulting

Our focus is to help deliver solutions that will drive long-term relationships and profitable growth for our customers. We offer a wide range of consulting services and technical advice including the preparation of technical documentation of molds, mold-flow analysis, design and development, and both 2D and 3D plans in both electronic and printed format.

  • Turnkey parts
  • Preparing the theory of the part (2D/3D)
  • Checking feasibility
  • Chose of material
  • Preparing all studies  and prototype parts
  • Preparing timeplans for serial production
  • Validation plans
  • Complex verification of parts

Beyond crafting a strategy for success, and working to implement an approach that delivers, our team is also able to consult within the realm of optimizing and troubleshooting using methods such as the Ishikawa diagram, Pareto analysis, and PDCA to name but a few.

Whether you need to troubleshoot a problem, require proposals for corrective measures, need your process documenting, or just your staff training to increase efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

We’re DOing Amazing Things.

Proudly providing mold design, tool building, injection molding, and post-molding value-added services to the automotive industry, we are number one for all things plastic. Our solutions include custom molding, pad printing, over-molding, and insert molding. We also offer ultrasonic welding, assembly, metal to plastic conversion, FDM-3D prototype, program management, and exceptional quality assurance.


Our company is determined to be a technological leader in plastic processing and assembling, always focused in exceeding our client expectations with flexibility and rapid response.


Unique to only us in Europe, this system is a major step up from standard visual management and demonstrates the trust we have in our production processes. Offering unrivaled quality, non-stop production, and a zero-defect methodology. The world of injection molding just stepped up a gear.

  • Excellence
  • Client Focus
  • Openness and Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Growth


Unique to only us in Europe, this system is a major step up from standard visual management and demonstrates the trust we have in our production processes. Offering unrivaled quality, non-stop production, and a zero-defect methodology. The world of injection molding just stepped up a gear.

  • Highest Quality
  • World Class Service
  • On Time Deliveries
  • Long Term Relationships

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