Maintaining a Healthy Team

As people get to know, trust and respect each other more, the better they are able to work.

In manufacturing, which relies on the perfect combination of human and machine,  the fundamental basis of every project is a team of people; therefore, the health of your team is one, if not the most important, aspect to consider at a management level if you are to deliver on your strategy.

Workers with boots on the ground, doing everyday tasks run the risk of feeling disconnected from the overall mission and vision of their company, if that misalignment is not addressed it could easily turn into micro issues. All of these take time to deal with and all can potentially reduce the throughput of the plant. So what is the solution?

With mental and physical health more on the radar more now than ever before it's critical that modern businesses take the time to monitor and address this area and work with employees to encourage feedback, organize and run team building, and to have an open door policy to management who are willing to listen and react to issues.

By doing this, leaders can keep their team focused on what matters by ensuring it stays aligned with the values and mission and make sure the team is complying with the myriad of assignments thrown at them.

With decades of leadership experience, co-owners Jeremy Svoboda and Marc Ammerlaan work tirelessly to develop lines of communication and ownership across all companies in the ADIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP.  By team members being assigned to a specific customer line they can gain end-to-end knowledge of that customer's orders to ‘own’ them, become familiar with and develop bonds with their colleagues, and at the same time have direct access to leadership for guidance, mentorship, and a listening ear.

By ensuring that everyone on the team, regardless of position, is mindful of training opportunities available - something renowned as a motivator and mental health booster -, giving a plan each day that is clear to understand and follow, and by empowering employees to decision make, all contribute to both maintaining the health and motivation of your team, and in parallel ensuring that your strategy is delivered to your objectives.

AAG is a privately owned group of plastic injection molding companies producing multi-millions of automotive parts annually for some of the world's largest car manufacturers. AAG ships globally and deliver to a strict ethos of perfect quality and on-time delivery.

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Posted On:
February 7, 2023

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