Reaching the Finish Line

Looking for a perfect finish?

Setting upfront requirements is critical to a project’s successful outcome, and critical to the correct ownership of an order, but understanding the desired objectives doesn’t necessarily get you to the finish line.

Once complete requirements are set and in place, it then takes a confident management group that can then enable their individual teams to take ownership of tasks, shoulder responsibilities for the timeline, and become proud deliverers of high-quality outputs, without having to micromanage each step.

This form of management, where diversity of thought is encouraged, a culture of trust is created and leadership in others is fostered, is commonly known as servant leadership.

The approach of supporting and encouraging growth in teams, offering concern about them and putting their wellbeing first creates a cycle of unilateral cooperation that often then extends beyond the 9-5 and has many positive knock-on effects across the workplace.

Within the ADIS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP for example, valuing people, showing humility and most importantly, listening to input from the whole team, has put them in amazing stead for growth and success.  As seen via the recent strategic partnership tie-up with V1 Industry, when trust and caring combine with expertise gleaned from decades of hands-on knowledge,  there’s a power and recognition that emanates, and this power sparks engagement and respect.

It has often been cited by experts that a cared-for workforce is better motivated, works better, and delivers a higher quality of finish within their roles.  Led by Jeremy Svoboda and Marc Ammerlaan, they deliver the epitome of what servant leadership is:  leading by example. With a multitude of hands-on knowledge, they could write the book on injection molding, yet they focus still, not on themselves as leaders, but how best to enable the team to be successful.

As strong believers that when their team members feel personally and professionally fulfilled, they produce high-quality work more efficiently and productively it creates a work environment in which employees at all levels feel respected, appreciated and valued. This transforms into projects that have upfront requirements set, but that also are fluid enough to be handled and optimized by an empowered workforce.

If you’re looking for an organization that delivers outstanding quality plastic components, has a strong work culture with high employee morale and engagement, and strives for first place every time, get in touch with us today.

Posted On:
May 16, 2023

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